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MS Access Works Even Harder with Custom Office and .Net Programming

As much as we'd like to think that Access can do EVERYTHING, we know its limitations just as well as its strengths! One of its greatest strengths of Access is the ease with which other applications can connect to it and leverage its features to create powerful solutions for your business. Office and .Net custom programming are two great ways to make this happen.

Here are just a few of the ways we've used Office and custom .Net programming with Access databases:

  • RFQ generation and e-mailing
  • E-mail blasts and campaign management
  • Excel charting and analysis from Access data
  • Address geocoding
  • Product catalogs and brochures
  • Health care provider directories
  • Population density maps
  • Web page scraping and analysis
  • Visio equipment diagram generation

Many leading applications, including accounting, contact management, CAD/CAM, mapping, e-mail, and office productivity software, offer and application programming interface, or API. An API allows programmers to write code that can interact with the software application to automate processes or handle complex tasks quickly and easily. With modern software, there's no need to feel like your data is locked into the application and cant be extracted for use elsewhere. With our knowledge of programming, data extraction techinques and working with APIs, we help you improve efficiency, reduce redundant data and create new business intelligence like never before.

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