We Make Microsoft Access Performance Enhancements

We know a thing or two about Access database application performance. After developing over 400 Access applications for our clients, we’ve identified numerous ways to make Access applications that are high performance and process a ton of data. We’ve also seen lots of poor performance applications that need some serious help. If your Access app needs some revving up, you’ve come to the right resource – we can help!

Microsoft Access performance and speed enhancements

Why Is Your Access Application Slow?

Tracking down and making performance improvements is part science and part art. Many times, there’s no one reason that certain aspects, or perhaps the entirety, of your Access application is slow. Here are some of the more common challenges that we encounter and can resolve with you.

Table and Data Issues

  • Inefficient data organization
  • Duplicate data or tables
  • Inefficient or missing indexes
  • Inefficient data types

Query Issues

  • Inefficient or poorly-optimized queries
  • Duplicate data results
  • Use of functions that can’t be optimized
  • Mixed use of Access and non-Access tables (i.e. SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL)
  • Expressions that are too complex
  • Filtering on long text strings
  • Use of Union queries

Database Issues

  • Database maintenance not performed recently
  • Undiscovered data corruption

Environment Issues

  • Poor WiFi or wired network connection
  • Using application over VPN or WAN
  • Application shared among too many users or not optimized for many users
  • Use of mixed Access versions across users
  • Application not split into front-end and band-end applications
  • Inefficient coding practices

There’s a misconception that Microsoft Access is limited to very small databases with only one user, and that it will have poor performance beyond a small scale. That’s simply NOT TRUE. We’ve designed and implemented several pure Access applications using millions of rows and over 100MB in size with solid performance. In some cases, an application would benefit from a more costly database system such as SQL Server or Oracle, and we can provide guidance on those options as well.

We can fix all the above issues and many more. Give us a call for a free, no-obligation consultation about your application and performance improvement needs. We’ll provide a free quote with unbiased opinions about all your options – even ones that we can’t help you with!

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